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5 Simple Ways to Staying Accountable

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Are you the type of person who struggles to get to the gym three times a week? You can never stick to a schedule, and you feel like you’re constantly rushing around? Well, you are not alone!

Many people struggle when it comes to planning out their week, and prioritizing themselves especially when you have a family, kids, and a full-time job to worry about. However, behavior studies have shown that if a task is really important to you, you will always make time to complete it.

So, now that you know you’re not alone and it is possible for you to reach your health goals, lets give you those 5 tips to help you stay more accountable!

1. Plan Ahead

We know this may seem obvious, or tedious but it’s extremely important. We recommend using your phone calendar or buying a planner if you’re more of a visual person. Every weekend, plan the week ahead. This means write down all your meetings, reservations, appointments, recitals, etc. Then, pick at least three days where you can attend a CrossFit class. Finally, you will add in relaxation time and/or family time (if applicable). Additionally, planning ahead can also be applied to your nutrition. In order to consistently eat healthy, one should use a food diary, and plan all their meals at least 1 day before.

Nutrition and CrossFit Coach, Kayla, recommends says that, “99% of people spend 2-3 hours on their phone every night before bed. So, instead of scrolling through social media every night, I spend this time planning my meals for the following day using MyFitnessPal. Typically, I just plug in food and mess around with the portions until I reach my desired macros. The following day, I pack 3 meals for my day while I’m at work, then when I get home I usually cook my last meal. I’ve found that this helps eliminates a lot of the stress that comes with figuring out what all needs to be done before I got to work.”

2. Prioritize Your Health

This may sound selfish, but it’s the truth. Your health should be one of your top priorities, but oftentimes this falls on the back burner. We recommend looking at workouts the same way you would look at attending a meeting for work. You would never show up late or miss a meetings, so view your workouts the same way. Show up on time, come prepared, and prioritize you for that time (which means leave your phone in a cubby, relax, and focus on YOU for 60 minutes of your day).

3. Listen To Your Body, But Don’t Give Up

Everyone has days even weeks, when they’re body is tired and sore. Trust me, we have all been there, but its important to realize the difference between pushing through soreness and pushing through pain. Unfortunately, there is no way for a coach to know how your body is feeling, that is something that, as an athlete, you need to be aware of. However, if something does not feel right do not hesitate to let a coach know. We are here to help you in whatever way we can!

4. Ask for Help

CrossFit Maximum Dosage is built from coaches from all different walks of life…. but our owners, coaches, members, and even elite athletes work full-time jobs. With this in mind, we understand that being healthy is hard work. So, don’t be afraid to ask for advice from everyone and anyone because that is how we can continue to better our community.

5. Set Up A Goal-Setting Appointment

Most people come to CrossFit to either lose weight, gain strength, or to be healthier… but what happens when you find yourself still struggling to reach those goals? On the other hand, what if you’ve surpassed those goals, and are slowly losing motivation? If you struggle with either of those situations, then set up an appointment to meet with one of our coaches, so we can help you set realistic goals and a timeline of events to get you there!

We hope that these 5 tips will bring you even more success in the near future!