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Finding Time For Weakness

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Now that the Open has come to an end, I am sure that most of you realize what you need to work on from now until next season, but how can you possibly prioritize it all? In this article we will give you three tips to working on your weaknesses:

  1. Make a schedule, in advance, of when you are coming to a CrossFit class: This will allow you to better prioritize other things (family time, chores, errands, etc.) you need to do during the week. If you are NOT new to CrossFit we recommend coming to a CrossFit class at least 4-5 times per week.
  2. Establish 1 Active Recovery Day: For most at our affiliate, athletes generally rest on Thursdays and Sundays. However, we recommend making one of your rest days an active recovery day. During this time, perform a long 20-40 minute slow cardiovascular workout (rowing, bike, swim, yoga, etc.) In addition to this active recovery devote the remaining 20-40 minutes of your workout (60 minutes total) to a couple weaknesses. For instance, if you are not very good at HSPUs then spend this time working on shoulder stability by doing wall walks, strict HSPUs, HSPUs to a mat, and/or Z-Press. Moreover, you can also combine a couple weaknesses and create an EMOM.
  3. Stay consistent: Everyone after the Open is always SO dedicated to improving on their weaknesses but generally it never lasts. Stick with a plan and stay consistent. If not, when the 2019 Open rolls around you will not have improved on anything.

Finally, if you need help with progressions and ways to improve on a certain weakness, please seek out help from one of our coaches! Our coaching staff is always willing and able to help in whatever way possible.