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Post CrossFit Regional Feels with Nikita Dicks

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Nikita Dicks, competitor, athlete, and long time member of CrossFit Maximum Dosage, just recently made it to the Crossfit Games Atlantic Regionals.

We caught up with her this week to see how she is feeling post Regionals, and to discuss her goals for the upcoming year. Regionals  has been a goal of Nikita’s for the past 4 years, ever since she saw the Crossfit Games on television. Now, that she had a taste of what being a Regional athlete is like, she has set her eyes on a bigger and better goal…. making it to the Crossfit Games. She elaborates by saying, “There are so many things that come to mind when thinking of making it to Regionals and accomplishing my goals…Questions and thoughts such as how did I make it here? What did I do to get here? Why me, and why do I deserve to be here? But, when I think back to standing on the regional floor, the thoughts become numb to me, and other thoughts such as, ‘you deserve this’ enter, because I got to regionals by taking my prioritizing my time and turning other extracurricular activities that may be more enjoyable away.” She adds that, “None of that can compare to the joy that comes with being on the floor amongst the elite, and in order to get back there I have to give it my all,  treat every gym workout as if it is a step to becoming stronger, faster, better, but overall unstoppable.

“…Treat every gym workout as if it is a step to becoming stronger, faster, better, but overall unstoppable.”

She continues by saying, “As these thoughts and goals run through my head, many would probably ask me ‘how is she going to train to make it there again and reach these goals that she has set forth for herself?'” The answer is simple… “My expectations I’ve set are high, but attainable in every way because I am dedicated in every way through my training and determination. Every day I have grueling two hour workouts that happen usually after work and on the weekends, but these workouts are how I will continue to climb the ladder to reach my goals.”

Outside of the competitive arena, we also wanted to get a better understanding of Nikita’s training goals for the upcoming year. She stated, ” I want to build myself up personally, as far as my health, mentality, perseverance, and willingness to give anything to be unstoppable no matter how much I have to strive to get there.”

We hope you enjoyed this blog post! If you want some tips and tricks from the best, Nikita will be starting up her gymnastics class June 18th, 2018. Stop in and learn from the best!