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Enjoy the Holidays, Skip the Guilt

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For most, the holidays are a time of celebration which often includes delicious food while being surrounded by the people you love. For some of you, this time of the year can add a couple inches to your waist and a few extra pounds on the scale. On the other hand, you have other people who will avoid all the the holiday meals they love, and have a horrible relationship with food.

So, what are the best ways to enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty?!

First, I want to recommend some portion control techniques. Everyone knows what types of food every meal should include, so don’t just disregard that information when you have an abundance of food at your disposal. Your plate should include a protein (about the size of a fist), vegetables, and a carb. All in all,¬†eat mindfully, stay hydrated, chew thoroughly, and portion out what you want to eat. By following these 4 tips you’ll be able to satisfy your cravings, in moderation, thus skipping the guilt this holiday season!

Now, for those of you who are OCD, fitness, health addicts (I’m one of them) you may be saying to yourself, “Oh no I can’t enjoy the sweet potato casserole I absolutely love because it has too much sugar and fat for my macros.” or “I can’t enjoy any dessert because I don’t want to gain a couple pounds.” My response to everyone in this category, calm down and ENJOY the food you rarely eat because guess what… Yes, that sweet potato casserole is probably cooked with a lot of butter, brown sugar, and it isn’t healthy on a normal day, but it’s not a normal day so enjoy it! But, this does not mean eat everything in sight until you want to hurl. My recommendation? Well, I’ll say it again for the people in the back… this means eating mindfully, staying hydrated, chewing thoroughly, and portioning out what you want to eat. Finally, if you do gain a few pounds, don’t freak out, don’t feel guilty, and don’t stress it. I promise your bodyweight will regulate and you’ll be back down to your normal weight in no time.

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