Success Stories


There’s nothing better than seeing hard work pay off. At CrossFit Maximum Dosage, we’re humbled and thrilled to be a part of our members’ fitness journey. Could you be our next success story? We sure hope so!
  • Retta Cameron (Age 68)

    My name is Retta Cameron and I started CrossFit in 2014. Since starting CrossFit, I am stronger both physically and mentally. CrossFit has been a stress reliever for me. I love the people and the camaraderie. At 68, I am the oldest by far, but feel totally comfortable with this group of young people. Everyone is supportive of each other and the coaches modify the exercises for my fitness level. Anyone, at any age, can become part of this wonderful CrossFit family and reap the benefits of a challenging fitness program. These are the reasons I love CrossFit Maximum Dosage!

  • Kaitlyn Haupfear (Age 26)

    I started CrossFit in July 2014 when CrossFit Maximum Dosage first opened. A friend of mine knew that I was interested in working out so she invited me but honestly my first thought was “absolutely not!” I was never athletic or good at any sports. I had never lifted weights in my life, and I knew that I would not be disciplined enough to stick with it just like every other gym membership or workout program that I’d tried before. I was intimidated by the idea of CrossFit in general and was worried that I would get in the way of all of the “real CrossFit athletes” there. After some persuading from my friend and realizing that I had nothing to lose (especially since I could try it for free for a few days) I decided to go. I learned three things in the first CrossFit class that I attended. The people there are not scary. Burpees might be worse than mornings without coffee. And even if you are sure your legs are going to fall off, they won’t.

    I have been a member of CFMD since that first day and it has truly changed my life. My views on lifting weights have gone from “I don’t want to look bulky” to “I feel strong and I am proud of myself.” I did not know how to load weights onto a bar before CrossFit and now I actually care what my PRs for snatches and clean and jerks are (pre-CrossFit me would have had to Google what that means). I used to go home every day after work and watch Netflix, now I go to the gym and get my butt kicked by a workout and I leave feeling better than I have all day. I am not the strongest in our gym and I still have many goals that I am working towards but I am doing things at CrossFit that I used to only see girls in pictures on Pinterest doing. I’m not sitting at home pinning motivational quotes and pictures of strong and fit women anymore. I’m in the gym and physically working hard and pushing myself to become that strong and fit woman.

    I always hear people talking about the CrossFit community and how nice the people are, and it is so true! I have made best friends! I can’t imagine my life now without some of the people that I have met through CFMD. I can honestly say that the members at our gym genuinely care for each other and want each other to succeed, especially our coaches. I would not still be a member at this gym without coaches that actually care if I am there or not. They got me from not being able to open the clamp used to secure the weights on the bar to being able to get a bar full of weights over my head within two seconds. They make me run when I don’t want to and make me finish a workout when I don’t think I can (I always end up thanking them for that afterward). If I am not understanding how to grip the bar or place my feet for a certain lift they do not get annoyed and walk away. They stay right there until I get it right and patiently show me again the next week when I forget! They understand that I may not be on the same level as the person working next to me so they help me adjust the workout to what they KNOW I can handle, which is often more than what I THINK.

    This may sound like a typical or cliché CrossFit testimony but it’s true for me. For someone who’d never done anything like this, I completely love it.

  • Zeb Portanova, MPP, MBA (Age 37)

    I started CrossFit in May 2012 because a friend thought it would be fun to try. We did the CrossFit Baseline on that first day and I beat him badly (sorry Matt). He never came back but I did. Over the years, I’ve gotten stronger and learned a ton of new skills. I’ve done everything from Olympic lifts to double unders and ring muscle ups. But I feel my biggest accomplishment has been mental. Every day I train myself to face tough physical challenges, which in turn conditions me to tackle challenges in both life and work. No project or deadline can scare me compared to Murph or Clovis with a vest.

    It is amazing how much people come together when they suffer a bit. CrossFit creates the best friends and communities. Having trained at four different boxes in three states, my best friends have always been from the gyms I joined. I’ve even gotten into arguments with my spouse because of my addiction to the gym. I’d also say I love beating Scott at WODs, which happens daily for me now because I’m a superior athlete.


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